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ALERT: Cayenne Pepper Shortage 07/09/21

Cayenne Pepper comes from India, which is currently having problems moving product. India is on lock down due to COVID-19. Even though half the world has opened up, they have not recovered. This has lead to a shortage of workers overseas to pick the crops. Plus, freight has increased dramatically for containers which now has lead to longer lead times. Freight prices have skyrocketed (tripled), thus, also making it hard to acquire product.

ALERT: No. 2 Shiitake Mushrooms Being Discontinued 07/19/21

We have experienced increasing shortages of No. 2 Shiitake over the past several weeks and we will most likely not have any coming to us beginning this week. We will have No. 1 Shiitake to cover your needs. Shiitake growers have been increasingly growing larger and more uniform, higher quality shiitake as the effort is always to grow as many No. 1 Shiitake as possible. It has gotten to the point that the few No. 2 that are still being picked are being used exclusively for slicing which leaves none left for bulk sales. This is a success for the growers as the No. 2 are not a desirable crop from a grower’s perspective.