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BIX Produce will be making deliveries in select service areas on Labor Day, Monday, September 5. Please work with your Sales Representative, or contact us at 651-487-8000 to understand if this option is available for your location. With many of our partners closed on the holiday, this can create delayed arrivals for Tuesday delivery requests. Please consider Monday service if possible. We appreciate your business.

ALERT: Romaine and Head Lettuce 08/10/22

Romaine and Head Lettuce in current growing areas are showing signs of infection from Fusarium. Fusarium is a soil borne fungus that causes Lettuce heads to die from diseased roots. Supply is decreasing and quality issues are expected including smaller head size, and premature browning after chopping. Suppliers hope to begin harvesting in new growing areas in mid to late November, but we expect quality and supply issues until that time.

ALERT: Russet Potato Updates 08/02/22

Storage Potatoes from the 2021 growing season are all but gone and remaining stock has many quality issues. Current estimates are 20% of storage product will be usable for shipping. Very few 40 count to 70 count cases are being packed and shippers are substituting down to 100 count size Potatoes. While still early for 2022 crop harvests, farmers are beginning to pull Potatoes to help with demand. Early harvests mean help for smaller Potatoes, but larger varieties will not yet be to size for harvesting. The early harvest is also presenting its own quality issues including green Potatoes and skin blemishes. Nationwide harvests will begin variably in mid to late August with full production expected in mid-September. Capacity is and will remain extremely limited until that time.