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ALERT: Onions 12/1/21

As we make our way through the holiday season, we are experiencing a very tough Onion market that will make for some difficult months ahead. The current Onion harvest ended in late October which normally provides enough crop to see us through April and the end of the Northwest season. The overall yields this year are significantly down with the volume of the crop and the size profile. This occurred this past Spring with severe winds that blew out some fields which resulted in replants coupled with extreme heat in June and July which caused the Onions to stop growing and resulted in reduced yields and smaller size profiles. As a result, growers will start implementing six-week averages and may also prorate orders to make sure they have enough crop to make it through April. Demands are exceeding supply levels and we have already started to experience high priced markets, and this will only get worse as we get into the new year. Super Colossal and Colossal sized Onions are the hardest hit with Jumbo sized not far behind them. We are also hearing the Red Onions will be tighter than Yellow and White Onions.