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ALERT: Grapes

Flame Seedless Red Grapes are the primary Grape variety available from Mexico that we have just transitioned to. Flames have smaller berries and can also pose a challenge when destemming as they have brittle skin that is more prone to cracking and splitting, and the lighter colored Mexican Flames can be more prone to bruising/ discoloration as well. The Mexican season will go well into July and then we will transition to California Flames with much of the same.

ALERT: French Beans and Asparagus

Due to recent extreme heat and current rain in Guatemala, all pack sizes of French Beans will be extremely limited for the next several weeks. Additionally, Asparagus will be in very limited supply for the next two to three weeks due to weather related issues in Peru and Mexico.

BIX Closeout Sale

BIX Produce offers “Closeout Sale” items weekly. Since these items change regularly, be sure to check back often! Contact your BIX Sales Rep. or Customer Service with questions.

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