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ALERT: Eggs 01/26/23

Egg markets are escalated due to severe pressure from the Avian Influenza. This should be temporary with improvements coming soon. Contact your BIX Sales Rep. for updates as they are available.

ALERT: Strawberries 01/26/23

Supplies continue to be very tight due to cold weather and rain in the growing areas. Expect light color with white shoulders, and some bruising, decreasing shelf-life. Supply of Stem-On Berries for Valentine’s Day is yet to be determined. Colder weather is expected to continue in growing areas into next week.


ALERT: Blackberries 01/26/23

Very tight supplies and prices are up. Quality has been fair.



ALERT: Cucumbers 01/26/23

Supplies have become very tight with inflated prices. Quality has been inconsistent.