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First Kiss Apples On Sale 09/14/22

Local Apple Season is now upon us and BIX is proud to announce that this Friday, September 16 we will be selling the newest Minnesota variety, the First Kiss Apple! Bred to be similar to Honeycrisp, these Apples still stand on their own! Reach out to your BIX Sales Rep. or Customer Service to place your order today!

ALERT: Head Lettuce and Romaine 09/09/22

Supplies are tight and Markets are elevated. Growers are still struggling with Fusarium, a soil borne fungus that causes lettuce roots to die. Quality issues are expected including smaller heads and premature browning after chopping. This is expected to continue until mid-late November when harvests begin in other growing areas. When possible, please consider ordering only enough Fresh Cut lettuce for a few days use.

ALERT: Potatoes 09/09/22

Supply of Russet Potatoes continues to be strained and markets remain elevated, especially on larger Potato sizes. Growers have begun harvesting new crop Potatoes and nationwide harvests will be in full swing very soon. BIX will continue to make substitutions to the best size available. New crop Potatoes will have additional moisture which may “sweat” out through the skin. This “sweat” will carry additional potato starch which, when dried, may leave a white powder on the outside of the Potato. This is not surface mold and will not affect the quality of the Potato. Consider keeping potato cases open to encourage airflow.