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Koru Apples IN STOCK

Just In to BIX! KORU APPLES. Item #1048, 113 count. A cross between a Braeburn and a Fuji, Koru Apples offer a subtle tartness with notes of honey, orange juice, spice and vanilla. In comparison to other varieties, they are orange-red in color with a yellow background. Once cut they are slow to brown, which makes them an excellent addition for salads. Put you orders in today!

Garlic and Ginger Shortage

The garlic and ginger industry is headed into an extreme demand exceeds supplies situation industry wide. Imposed tariffs levied on China has increased demand on domestic garlic. China supplies more than 50% of the world’s garlic. The imposed tariffs, coupled with the Wuhan coronavirus and the extended Chinese new year has resulted in a serious lack of labor that has only worsened the production of the Chinese garlic and ginger commodities. Please note also that China supplies 60-70 percent of the ginger used worldwide. Both of these commodities will be extremely tight in availability for an unspecified time.