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ALERT: Iceberg Lettuce 10/19/21

The recent extreme weather in the Salinas Valley has created several issues with the Lettuce harvest. Extreme heat was followed by a cold snap with Iceberg being particularly impacted with lower yields over the past couple of weeks. The current product has quality issues including discoloration, misshapen heads, light case weights, and short shelf life. Field transition has begun, and should improve the situation over the next 4 weeks.

ALERT: Oranges 10/5/21

Unfortunately with the Valencia Orange season coming to an end (not soon enough) we will have arrival issues and may need to send back low-quality product. This may lead to shorts and subbing up to larger sizes to fulfill demand. The fruit is soft and tired looking and the smaller sized fruit is very tight in supply and will remain this way until we get into Navels sometime mid-November. We could eventually run out of small fruit (113’s and 138’s) by this weekend.