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ALERT: Oranges 09/24/21

Domestic Valencia supplies are winding down for the season. Supplies on 113’s and 138’s are very limited on both grades, followed by 88’s. Current sizes are peaking on 72’s and larger. Markets are active and will continue to remain strong through the remainder of the month and going into October. As always, we will do our best to cover as much as we can on small sizes. Our options to utilize outside suppliers to help fulfill orders are also becoming scarce. Most importantly, conversations need to be had with customers, so they are aware of the situation and look at options to size up. We can expect this issue to continue weekly until we transition to Navels late October/early November. We are also at the time of the year that the quality is becoming more difficult to control with more reports of quality issues upon arrival. The summer heat has taken a toll on the fruit and we are seeing softer fruit upon arrival and breaking down quicker. We will need your Quality Control Team to allow more flexibility upon arrivals. Our shippers will continue to do their best to clean up the fruit, but everyday fruit is on the truck it continues to break down. Please continue to send orders in advance to help strategize and prepare in case we run into inventory issues.

ALERT: Clipped French Beans 9/17/21

Our Clipped French Beans 10/2# suppliers will not have any beans for us to pick up this weekend, due to the bad weather in the shipping lane to Miami. The ships are expected to get unloaded on Friday or Saturday. We will not be able to load more until Monday. I have checked with the minimal amount of other options, and they are on the same boats.