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BIX Local

BIX sources the finest-quality fruits, vegetables and other fine products from our trusted network of local farmers and producers. By partnering with over 30 local farmers and producers, BIX delivers the widest possible year round selection of locally grown products. Working closely with local purveyors helps ensure crops are picked at the peak of freshness, and local products are handcrafted for the best flavor. Our partnerships help support the local agriculture and communities where we live and work. BIX Produce is a proud member of Greener Fields Together, a sustainability program for the entire produce chain from seed to fork. See the current list of local items HERE available to you.

Click below to see the BIX Produce Local Farming Packet.

  • Averaging 59 miles from local farmers to BIX
  • BIX partners with over 30 local farmers and producers
  • Wide variety of local products available year round

Want to learn more about BIX or talk to one of our reps? Let us know how to reach you.