Big enough to deliver, small enough to get it just right.

For more than 80 years, we've been fulfilling the same promise: To deliver the highest-quality produce and unmatched service every step of the way for each of our customers. Here's what you can expect every time a BIX truck pulls up to your door:

We never settle.

Our procurement team adheres to the highest quality standards, cultivating deep relationships with a network of trusted growers and suppliers to buy only the best produce.

We bring it in right.

For 25 years, we've used the same transportation partner to get the highest quality produce to our Little Canada facility seven days a week.

We believe in details.

Our receiving department checks everything from appearance to temperature to sweetness and more. Anything that doesn't fare well on the journey to BIX is turned away.

We process with pride.

Customers relish our ability to create a huge variety of Fresh Cuts tailored to their needs. We can also fill custom orders quickly to help them navigate unexpected surprises.

We pack for perfection.

Our order management is second to none. Before it goes on the truck, we check every order for freshness, quality, and accuracy. Then, just to be sure, we check it again.

We deliver above and beyond.

BIX drivers don't just drop off and go. They're passionate pros committed to making sure each order meets the highest standards. If anything's amiss, they'll quickly replace or resolve it.

We're always listening.

BIX is built on a deep understanding of quality produce and how it can help drive our customers' success. That's why we take the time to truly get to know every single person we serve and provide custom solutions for each one.