New Items

New Items

Summerfest Blues & Brews 06/01/21

Now available for a limited time! Local Caves of Faribault Summerfest Blues & Brews! A party
in every wheel and wedge. St. Pete’s Select Blue Cheese bathed in Summit Skip Rock.
Item #80475 is available in 3 lbs. Call Customer Service or your BIX Sales Representative
to place your order today!

Memorial Day Edible Flowers 05/17/21

Now available to special order just in time for Memorial Day. Tri-Color Pansies (SO), #41050,
50 ct. and Tri-Color Violas (SO) #41055, 50 ct. Please order Friday for delivery to customer
Wednesday and Tuesday for delivery to customer Friday. Reach out to your BIX Representative
or Customer Service for more information.

Baby Purple Brussels Sprouts 04/12/21


Baby Purple Brussels Sprouts are now available as a special order item! Item #4093 comes in a
12/0.5 pt. case for easy use and storage. Please allow 7 day lead time on this item when you order.
Get yours at BIX Produce today!

Ruth’s Vegetarian Gourmet 03/21/21


Three new Vegetarian items from Ruth’s Vegetarian Gourmet now available at BIX Produce.

These include:

  1. Vegetarian Crumble, #53347, 6/2 lbs.
  2. Vegetarian Balls, #53348, 6/2 lbs.
  3. Sunflower Vegetarian Patty, #53349, 6/2 lbs.

Real. Simple. Good. Give them a try and order yours today!

Healthy Roots Wellness Shots 3/17/21

Healthy Roots Wellness Shots now available as a special order at BIX Produce.
Availablein Super Greens (#61763, 9/2 oz.), Ultra Defense (#61764, 9/2 oz.), and
Recover (#61765, 9/2 oz.). Try one, or them all today. Place your order online, with
your BIX Sales Rep, or with Customer Service today!

NEW Micro Ocean Mix Now Available! 02/15/21

New Micro Ocean Mix #495 is now available at BIX!

Comes in 4 oz. clam and contains sea grass, spinach, sea beans, ice plant, verdolaga and other
greens green for a salty combination.

Place orders by Monday 8 am for Wednesday delivery to Customer. Place orders by Wednesday
by 8 am for Friday delivery to Customer.

Contact Customer Service or your BIX Sales Rep. to place your order today.

LOCAL Fresh Tofu Now Available! 1/27/21

MinnTofu is a local Minnesota start up with a focus on producing locally farmed, environmentally
sustainable plant based food.

Extra Firm, Firm and Soft all available with 90-day shelf life.

Call BIX Customer Service or your BIX Sales Rep. to place your order today!