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Anderson’s Maple Syrup – Axdahl’s Garden Farm and Greenhouse – BelGioioso Cheese Inc.
Bushel Boy – Catallia Mexican Foods – Caves of Faribault – Cedar Valley Cheese
Costa Farm and Greenhouse – Donnay Dairy – Ed Fields & Sons
Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery – Forest Mushrooms – Future Farm Grown – InHarvest
Jack and the Green Sprouts – Jimmy’s Dressing – Plump Chef
Revol Greens – Riverside Farms – River Valley Sprouts – Rob’s Gourmet Greens
Salemville – Sparboe Farms – Stickney Hill Dairy
Svihel Vegetable Farm – Swany White Flour Mills – Vine Valley Farm – Wescott Orchards

Anderson's Maple Syrup logo

Anderson’s Maple Syrup

Cumberland, WI
Specialty: Grade A Pure Maple Syrup
57 miles from BIX

Anderson’s Maple Syrup, Inc. has been a family run and organized business for over 80 years. Steve Anderson is the third generation Anderson to carry on the family tradition. Steve’s grandfather Paul Anderson started the business in the early 20’s as just a little hobby to put some syrup on the table.

When Norman Anderson, Steve’s father was old enough to help out, he and Paul started to make the business grow. In the late 50’s they decided there was greater opportunity to be had in the maple syrup business than in farming.

They took a giant step, sold their dairy cattle and jumped head first into the maple syrup business. Anderson’s Maple Syrup is currently one of the leading brands sold in the Midwest.

Strict quality control is practiced every day at Anderson’s Maple Syrup, Inc. Either Steve or Fred, an employee of over 30 years, check every batch of syrup to make sure it is nothing less than perfect before it leaves the packaging room.

Anderson’s is also long standing members of the Wisconsin and Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers Associations and of the International Maple Syrup Institute. These are organizations that help promote and protect the maple syrup industry and its integrity.

You can learn more by visiting andersonsmaplesyrup.com or follow them on Facebook.

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Axdahl's Farm and Greenhouse logo

Axdahl’s Garden Farm and Greenhouse

Stillwater, MN
Specialty: Green Beans, Corn, Pumpkins, Hard Squash, Tomatoes
19 miles from BIX

Known for their sweet corn, green beans, and pumpkins, Axdahl’s is family owned and operated out of the fertile St. Croix Valley in Stillwater, Minnesota. Axdahl’s Garden Farm and Greenhouse is proud to be licensed by Minnesota Grown and certified by Food Alliance Midwest.

“Axdahl’s grows the best sweet corn I’ve ever eaten, and I’ve eaten a lot of great corn. You could call me a corn connoisseur! I’d never buy fresh produce anywhere else but Axdahl’s Garden Farm,” says Nancy Bartie, loyal customer of Axdahl’s. Axdahl’s Garden and Greenhouse is owned and operated by Brian and Leslie Axdahl.

“We have lots of great employees from the area during our busy harvest season,” says Leslie. “Stop by for a visit, and you may well see one of your neighbors working with us out in the field or at our garden farm and greenhouse.”

You can learn more by visiting axdahlfarms.com or follow them on Facebook.

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BelGioioso Cheese logo

BelGioioso Cheese Inc.

Green Bay, WI
Specialty: Mozzarella, Ovolini, Ciliegine, Perlini, Curds Gorgonzola, Mascarpone, Grated Peorino Romano
258 miles from BIX

“Classic Italian Cheese made in the U.S.A.” Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, BelGioioso Cheese has been specializing in all-natural, award-winning Italian cheeses for over 20 years. Our Wisconsin based company consists of five state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in the areas surrounding Denmark and Pulaski, Wisconsin.

Each plant specializes in a specific cheese that is produced daily by the same cheese makers. All BelGioioso cheeses are crafted using only the freshest Wisconsin cow’s milk. The cheeses are manufactured, aged, finished, packaged and shipped solely from our facilities, giving us full quality control of the products from start to finish.

BelGioioso cheeses are all natural and crafted from rBST free milk. Vegetarian, gluten free, and kosher certified products are also available.

You can learn more by visiting belgioioso.com or follow them on Facebook.

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Bushel Boy logo

Bushel Boy

Owatonna, MN
Specialty: Tomatoes
63 miles from BIX

Bushel Boy Farms was founded in Owatonna, Minnesota in 1990 with a simple desire to grow fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes year-round. Yes, even in the middle of January.

Bushel Boy finds real satisfaction in eating locally-grown vegetables rather than food that has been trucked in from Mexico or Canada. There’s a huge difference between eating a tomato right off the vine versus one that was picked green, crated up and shipped thousands of miles.

Their expert team has created the perfect growing environment combining the latest in greenhouse design and technology with the hands-on TLC it takes to produce the sweetest, juiciest tomatoes. Bushel Boy tomatoes are always picked ripe on the vine, carefully packed and trucked directly to stores for maximum freshness and flavor. We hope you enjoy the fruit of our labor as much as we do.

You can learn more by visiting bushelboy.com or follow them on Facebook.

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Catallia Mexican Food logo

Catallia Mexican Foods

Eagan, MN
Specialty: Flour Tortillas, Corn Tortillas, Pre-Cut Tortilla Chips
12 miles from BIX

Founded in 2005, Catallia is built on the heritage and values of its founder, Cathy Cruz Gooch, a third-generation Mexican American whose grandparents immigrated to the United States in the early 1900s.

They take pride in delivering soft, tender tortillas made with authentic recipes, top ingredients and the same care that Mexican families have put into their tortillas for generations.

Sharing their cultural traditions, Hispanic food expertise, and 25 years of tortilla manufacturing experience, Catallia works hand in hand with their customers to deliver authentic products and innovative solutions to meet today’s market needs.

You can learn more by visiting catallia.com.

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Caves of Fairbault

Caves of Faribault

Faribault, MN
Specialty: AmaBlu Blue Cheese Crumbled & Wheels, Fini Sharp Cheddar, AmaBlu Gorgonzola, Blues & Brews Variety Blue Cheese
55 miles from BIX

Faribault, Minnesota is on nearly the same line of latitude as Roquefort, France. The atmosphere within the caves is ideal for the curing and aging of blue cheese.

In December 1936, Mr. Felix Frederiksen purchased the caves and set up shop for the first blue cheese to be made in the United States. He named his company Treasure Cave, Inc.

Today, Caves of Faribault is the only U.S. cheese maker still curing and aging blue cheese exclusively in caves. This traditional process allows the AmaBlu Blue, Gorgonzola and St. Pete’s Select blue cheeses to distinguish themselves with a complex, complicated yet delight-fully intimate flavor. The caves allow them to work in tandem with nature to create truly legendary cheeses.

You can learn more by visiting faribaultdairy.com or follow them on Facebook.

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Cedar Valley Cheese logo

Cedar Valley Cheese

Belgium, WI
Specialty: Cheese
274 miles from BIX

The Cedar Valley Cheese Factory was founded in 1947. As a part of many expansions, the Cedar Valley Cheese Store opened in May of 2006 with 2000 square feet of space.

The store is jointly owned by Tracy Hiller and Sue Okray. It was decided early on that cheese was going to be the primary focus and is front and center when customers walk in the door.

This led to finding over 300 different cheese choices a customer can find to buy. The most popular cheese for purchase is the Factory Fresh String Cheese, which is made daily at the attached factory.

Many customers are amazed at how fresh and stringy this cheese really is; a huge difference than what is purchased in a grocery store. It is a true Wisconsin favorite!

In May of 2010 a new addition doubled the store size, including more coolers, storage and a prep room. There was also booth seating added for anyone wishing to relax and have some ice cream.

In November 2010, the store obtained a license to sell wine on the premises. Many Wisconsin wines are featured. Every Saturday there is wine and cheese tasting all day long.

You can learn more by visiting cedarvalleycheesestore.com or follow them on Facebook.

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Costa Farm and Greenhouse logo

Costa Farm and Greenhouse

White Bear Lake, MN
Specialty: Sweet Corn, Bell Peppers, Poblano Pepper, Jalapeño Peppers, Eggplant, Green Beans, Tomatoes, Kale, Cucumbers
11 miles from BIX

Peter Costa Sr. established Costa Farm in 1913 in Little Canada. Since then the farm has become a third generation farm recognized for growing high quality fresh produce.

On 80 acres in Mahtomedi you will find melons, green beans, new potatoes, cucumbers, the “sweetest” corn, bell peppers, eggplant and tomatoes.

Along with 8 green houses that grow bedding plants, perennials, hanging baskets and herbs, “Generations of experience is the key to our successful crops”

You can learn more by visiting costafarm.com or follow them on Facebook.

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Donnay Dairy Logo

Donnay Dairy

Kimball, MN
Specialty: Chevre Cheese
66 miles from BIX

Donnay Dairy was started with the simple concept of creating a high quality, farmstead, artisan goat cheese they can deliver fresh directly to executive chefs and restaurant owners.

The heritage of their farm began years ago with their great-grandparents, Matt and Catherine Donnay. Their family is the fourth generation to farm these lands since the early 1900s. They strive to keep a strong tradition of family farming and the value of hard work alive.

Donnay’s Dairy consists of a small herd of Saanan dairy goats nestled in the hills of Stearns County, Minnesota. They believe healthy goats are the key to high quality cheese. No hormones are used on their farm.

Donnay Dairy prides themselves in using traditional methods to ensure the highest standards for every batch of cheese produced. They always maintain the highest quality control to ensure freshness and consistency vat after vat.

They invite you to explore their award-winning Chevre and the excitement of their family farm. Their dedication to producing handcrafted farmstead goat cheese, with an unprecedented flavor, will surely tantalize your taste buds.

You can learn more by following them on Facebook.

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Ed Fields and Sons logo

Ed Fields & Sons

Anoka, MN
Specialty: Carrots, Hard Squash, Radishes, Parsnips
22 miles from BIX

Ed Fields and Sons has been family owned and operated since the 1940’s. They are in their third generation and counting.

Ed Fields and Sons proudly grow and pack fresh vegetables including: radishes, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, and green onions.

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Ellsworth Creamery logo

Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery

Ellsworth, WI
Specialty: Cheese
44 miles from BIX

Ellsworth Dairy Cooperative is based in the Heart of Wisconsin’s Dairyland in the town of Ellsworth, Wisconsin, and was proclaimed the “Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin“ by Governor Anthony S. Earl in 1984.

Today they produce about 160,000 pounds of 100% all natural premium cheddar cheese curds each day. Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery accepts only farmer certified rBST free milk!

In June of 2011 the Ellsworth Cooperative bought Blaser’s Premium Cheeses, located in the small town of Comstock in northwestern Wisconsin.

The Comstock Creamery manufactures naturally flavored cheeses under the Blaser’s, Antonella, Ellsworth Valley rBST-free cheese, Kammerude, and Golden Age labels.

What was known as Blaser’s USA, Inc. started with a creamery, the Comstock Co-op, built on the site in 1901, accepting home-separated cream from area farmers and manufacturing butter from the sweet cream. In 1948 the company’s focus turned to cheese production.

You can learn more by visiting ellsworthcheese.com or follow them on Facebook.

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Forest Mushroom Logo

Forest Mushrooms

St. Joseph, MN
Specialty: Mushrooms, Fresh and Dried
76 miles from BIX

Forest mushroom locally owned and operated since 1985; distributes, researches and cultivates edible mushrooms. 90 miles Northwest of Minneapolis their production facility is nestled in the city of St. Joseph.

At this facility they cultivate different varieties of fresh mushrooms, such as Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms. With their own packaging facility you will come to expect the freshest fresh mushrooms delivered to the Twin Cities.

You can learn more by visiting forestmushrooms.com or follow them on Facebook.

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Future Farm Grown logo

Future Farm Grown

Baldwin, WI
Specialty: Hydro Bibb Lettuce
45 miles from BIX

Future Farm Grown is dedicated to consistently delivering high quality greens into Minnesota and Wisconsin year round.

Since 2010, Steve Meyer and his team have been producing aquaponically and hydroponically grown lettuce, herbs, and greens in their 27,000 square foot facility located in Baldwin, Wisconsin.

Their environmentally controlled facility allows them to maximize plant growth while conserving water so they can get the freshest and most nutritious produce possible. They take pride in their clean growing methods where they are certified in Good Agricultural Practice through the USDA, use only Non-GMO seeds and do not use any harmful pesticides in an effort to give their customers the cleanest possible enjoying Future Farm Grown produce!

Future Farm Grown takes their responsibility to preserve the environment seriously, and they are proud to supply the best quality foods to the local area produce. Their farms are good for the earth, good for the plants and fish, and good for the people all year round.

You can learn more by visiting futurefarmgrown.com or follow them on Facebook.

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InHarvest logo


Bemidji, MN
Specialty: Rice, Rice Blends, Grains and Legumes
190 miles from BIX

From their humble beginnings, InHarvest has steadily grown to be the country’s premier provider of rice and rice blends, exotic grains, and legumes to many of the industry’s top creative chefs and restaurants.

Located in Bemidji, Minnesota, in prime Wild Rice country, the company’s original name, Indian Harvest, was a reference to the spirit and heritage involved in the harvest of the wild rice grain, the company’s primary focus in its early years.

You can learn more by visiting inharvest.com or follow them on Facebook.

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Jack and the Green Sprouts Logo

Jack and the Green Sprouts

River Falls, WI
Specialty: Alfalfa, Broccoli, Daikon, Clover, Crunchy Mix, Sunflower Sprouts and Wheat Grass.
30 miles from BIX

Located in River Falls Wisconsin, Jack and the Green Sprouts supply alfalfa, alfalfa/onion, broccoli, daikon, clover, Crunchy Mix, (green pea, adzuki, lentil and garbanzo beans), sunflower sprouts and wheat grass.

You can learn more by following them on Facebook.

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Jimmy’s Dressing

Stewartville, MN
Specialty: Coleslaw/Salad Dressing and Dips
83 miles from BIX

In 1990, Jimmy’s son Tom, purchased the salad dressing business and renamed it Jimmy’s Salad Dressing & Dips, as a tribute to his father and the creator of the original recipes.

Since its inception, Jimmy’s has always been committed to producing the highest quality dressings and dips.

Jimmy’s makes everything in small batches using only the highest quality, freshest, and best tasting ingredients possible with nothing artificial, no preservatives and zero trans fat.

This is why you will always find Jimmy’s in the produce section next to the fresh fruits and vegetables.

Every person at Jimmy’s has the same passion and commitment to bring your family the very best products available.

Jimmy’s strives to exceed customer’s expectations with their dressings and dips taste, quality and use of fresh ingredients.

You can learn more by visiting jimmysdressing.com or follow them on Facebook.

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Plump Chef logo

Plump Chef

Bloomington, MN
Specialty: Seasonings
20 miles from BIX

Plump Chef, Peter Christenson originally created his very own mix of spices to be used in recipes served to his customers, friends, relatives (close and not-so-close), co-workers and even patrons requested “just a little in a baggie” to take home.

Many of them suggested he bottle and sell it — A Christmas gift of a box of bottles and some homemade labels started the process and the rest is history.

Today Plump Chef spices are sold in stores, boutiques, supermarkets, specialty meat shops and fine restaurants throughout the entire Midwest.

Peter Christenson, is a Certified Executive Chef with extensive experience in creating menus with tantalizing results, managing all phases of food and beverage service, including larger multi-site operations as well as more intimate upscale private club settings.

Chef Christenson, educated in the classical style at the renowned C.I.A. in Hyde Park, New York; continues professional development at annual conferences and events to discover the latest culinary and management trends.

You can learn more by visiting plumpchef.com.

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Revol Greens

Revol Greens

Medford, MN
Specialty: premium lettuce and greens, year-round

Revol Greens has a simple mission. To provide the freshest, best tasting lettuce grown local and sustainable without the use of pesticides, herbicides or other harsh chemicals. They have created a greenhouse farm committed to sustainable and responsible farming. Powered by filtered rainwater and natural sunlight, our lettuce and greens are harvested daily and delivered fresh.
With a never-ending pursuit of taste perfection, Revol Greens provides Minnesota grown lettuce and greens 365 days a year.

You can learn more by visiting revolgreens.com.

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Riverside Farm logo

Riverside Farms

Elk River MN
Specialty: Cucumbers, Green/Red Cabbage, Corn, Hard Squash, Peppers, Pumpkins, Rhubarb, Zucchini
28 miles from BIX

Joe and David Nathe have operated Riverside Farms in Elk River since 1980.

With the help of Joe’s son Eric and other family members, they farm 450 acres of sweet corn, cabbage, green peppers, summer and winter squash, and pumpkins.

They take pride in the extremely high quality of their products, labeling every box, “Quality that Counts.”

Concern for future generations has prompted Joe and David to use environmentally friendly farming methods, including proper land stewardship.

You can learn more by following them on Facebook.

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River Valley Sprouts logo

River Valley Sprouts

Houston, MN
Specialty: Bean Sprouts
116 miles from BIX

Founded in 1979, River Valley Sprouts is family owned and operated. The unbeatable quality offered by River Valley will get your attention!

You can learn more by following them on Facebook.

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Robs Gourmet Greens logo

Rob’s Gourmet Greens

Hollandale, MN
Specialty: Fresh Basil and Butter Lettuce
95 miles from BIX

Rob and Lois Louters are the owners of a small, wooded farm just south of the Twin Cities. Rob is from a Dutch family that has loved to grow vegetables for generations.

Rob shares this same passion and specializes in providing gourmet-quality greens and herbs.

The small size of his farm means he can personally give the tender loving care his plants need every step of the way.

When the plants reach the peak of freshness, they are harvested and delivered only hours later.

“We love being a small family farm that provides a reliable source for great local food,” says Rob. “I want to give my customers the best greens they have ever experienced and that they are proud to serve to their friends.”

This commitment means a difference you can see and taste.

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Cambria, WI
Specialty: Smokey Blue Cheese
254 miles from BIX

The Salemville brand’s award-winning blue-veined cheeses are sustainably produced by an Amish community in Cambria, Wisconsin.

Cows are hand-milked twice daily without the use of machines or electricity and milk is delivered to the factory in traditional 10-gallon milk cans.

All Salemville cheeses are farmer-certified rBGH free, rich in calcium and contain no preservatives or chemical additives.

You can learn more by visiting salemville.com or follow them on Facebook.

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Sparboe Farms logo

Sparboe Farms

Litchfield, MN
Specialty: Shell Eggs Available in Medium to Super Jumbo Sizes, as well as Cage Free
24 miles from BIX

58 year heritage of quality and service, Sparboe Farms started as a day-old chick company and has grown over the last 58 years to become one of the top 10 egg companies in the United States. Robert Sparboe hatched the idea for the Sparboe Chick Company in 1954.

Feeding families has always been a part of Sparboe’s heritage and will continue to be an important part of what they do each day, caring for their hens and producing safe, wholesome and affordable eggs.

In 2006 Sparboe became the first egg producer to become certified SQF (Safe Quality Food) 2000 Level.

You can learn more by visiting sparboe.com or follow them on Facebook.

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Stickney Hill Dairy logo

Stickney Hill Dairy

Cold Spring, MN
Specialty: Fine Cheese
66 miles from BIX

Stickney Hill Dairy is a world leader in the development, marketing and sales of goat’s milk products for commercial, food service and retail market segments.

Easily, the most diverse goat milk products company in the US, Stickney Hill through its partnership with Midwest goat milk producers has evolved from a farmstead goat milk company to a world class international merchandiser and manufacturer of goat milk products.

You can learn more by visiting stickneydairy.com or follow them on Facebook.

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Svihel Vegetable Farm logo

Svihel Vegetable Farm

Foley, MN
Specialty: Corn, Cucumbers, Green Cabbage, Hard Squash, Peppers, Pumpkins, Gourds
57 miles from BIX

On 180 acres the Svihels take pride in growing extra tender sweet corn and other varieties of fruits and vegetables. John’s characterized farming style and commitment to the environment has earned them the Food Alliance Certification.

John’s certification and efforts to grow his crops with minimal environmental impact has opened new markets for him to sell his products. John assures his customers his products are eco-friendly, as well as melt in your mouth tender.

You can learn more by visiting svihelvegetablefarm.com.

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Swany White Flour Mills logo

Swany White Flour Mills

Freeport, MN
Specialty: Unbleached White Flour, Rye, Whole Wheat, Buckwheat & Organic Flour
91 miles from BIX

Swany White Flour Mills is a central Minnesota based flour wholesaler and manufacturer dedicated to providing their customers with professional service and high quality flour products. Swany White Flour was established in the late 1800s.

The Thelen family has been operating Swany White Flour Mills for over 100 years, since they purchased the business in 1903. On December 27, 2011 the historic Swany White Flour Mill was destroyed by fire.

The new Swany White Flour Mill was then constructed in 2012. Swany White Flour Mills is still located in the same place right off the popular Lake Wobegon trail in Freeport, Minnesota.

You can learn more by visiting swanywhiteflour.com.

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Vine Valley Farms logo

Vine Valley Farm

Stewart, MN
Specialty: Cabbage, Winter Squash, and Cucumbers
71 miles from BIX

Vine Valley Farms Inc. is a family-owned, third-generation farm that rests in west central Minnesota. In 1947, the farm established its roots in the rural area of Stewart as a traditional farm with a focus on livestock, grains, and other legumes.

As time progressed, the experimentation with pumpkins and winter squash planted the seed for the expansion of other vegetable commodities.

Over the years, the company has diversified its production to a wide variety of vegetables, including zucchini, cucumbers, green beans, cabbage, peppers, onions, red beets, and winter squash. Corn and soybeans are other crops that are also raised, as they play an important role in crop rotation.

Today, the family-farm is owned and operated John & Wendy Tanata and their sons Josh, Adam, and Anthony. Each of their sons devote their time into their individual areas of expertise and areas of study in college: agronomy, horticulture, and marketing.

John & Wendy are also greatly involved by managing the other aspects of business and making sure the operation runs smoothly.

One of the key factors that makes Vine Valley Farms a successful company is the land’s rich loamy soil. This type of soil is rich in nutrients and is able to hold in the moisture that mother nature is able to bring, even during the dry years.

The family plays an active role in soil conservation and stewardship with the use of sustainable farming techniques such as annual crop rotation, cover crops, field cultivation, and integrated pest management. Even though the soil is a key success to their operation, mother nature is sometimes one of the biggest challenges they face when it comes to weather, moisture, and pests.

In recent years, the lack of bees worldwide has also been a concern for the family; without bees, the plants are not able to produce the vegetables they sell.

The Tanata’s focus their time in producing quality produce and delivering fresh product to the consumer. When supplying locally grown produce to its customers, freshness is achieved by practicing just-in-time inventory management and reducing transportation time, which is very important aspect when it comes to quality.

Within recent years, the Tanata’s developed their own brand name, Gems of the Valley, which blossomed from the idea of packing and marketing their own homegrown onions in prepackaged bags. With this advancement, the family is able to maintain quality and freshness while reducing the involvement of the middleman and age of the product.

Today, Gems of the Valley is promoted on all of Vine Valley’s products. One of the most important elements when it comes to quality is implementing and practicing food safety procedures. Vine Valley Farms goes through annual inspections with USDA with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices (GHP).

The Tanata’s train each and every employee with these practices to meet and exceed these regulations in order to protect the consumers well being.

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Wescott Orchards logo

Wescott Orchards

Elgin, MN
Specialty: Apples, Apple Cider
72 miles from BIX

Located one mile east of Elgin on a sprawling 40 acres, Fred Wescott founded the orchard 25 years ago, and has grown to become a well-diversified business.

Fred states “it is interesting and rewarding to work with the land, plants and farming techniques.”

Fred packages, distributes and markets apples throughout the region and carries a wide perspective of apple production. Fred implements pest management and utilizes chemicals that have a low impact on the environment.

You can learn more by visiting wescottorchard.com or follow them on Facebook.

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