Venus Gourmet Soups

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New Soups at BIX Produce

Venus Gourmet Soups now at BIX Produce!

White Bear Lake native Leslie Vadnais, the Chef and Owner of Venus Gourmet Soups, has created each soup to be vegetarian and made with gluten free ingredients. The use of true ingredients enhances the soups’ unique and delicious flavors making them one of a kind.

Soups are sold frozen in 4/4 lb cases.

Download BIX’s Venus Soup flyer: Venus Soups


Corn Chowder
BIX Item # 52647
A vegetarian creamy corn chowder with fresh poblano peppers with a hint of cumin. Ingredients: half and half, sweet corn, water, onions, poblano peppers, celery, olive oil, modified food starch, masa, kosher salt, organic coconut palm sugar, cayenne pepper.

Curry Coconut
BIX Item # 52648
A rich vegetarian soup with corn, spinach and red bell peppers finished with
coconut milk.
Ingredients: coconut milk, water, half and half, onion, super sweet corn, spinach, red bell pepper, olive oil, modified food starch, kosher salt, coconut palm sugar, curry powder, natural flavor.

Tomato Bisque
BIX Item # 52649
A hearty vegetarian soup featuring diced tomatoes in a heavy cream with onions, honey, butter and a hint of dill.
Ingredients: diced tomatoes in juice, heavy whip, water, honey, onions, butter, salt, spices.