Veggie Burgers from Stuffed Foods

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Veggie Burgers

from Stuffed Foods

A veggie burger made with fresh, boldly flavored ingredients, using only scratch cooking techniques and small batch preparation. The result is the perfect veggie burger!

All available in 32 count – 4.5 ounce 4” patties


QuinoaQuinoa Veggie Burger
BIX item #53251

Roasted red & yellow peppers, crimini mushrooms, red & white quinoa, black and white chia, kale, whole grain rice, beans, 


Poblano Black beanRoasted Poblano Black Bean Veggie Burger
(Vegan & Vegetarian)
BIX item #53252

Oven roasted Poblano peppers, black beans and wild rice simmered with chilies and cumin, crimini mushrooms, roasted corn, roasted  red peppers and caramelized onions.


Cran Sweet PototatoSweet Potato & Cranberry Veggie Burger
(Vegan & Vegetarian)
BIX item #53253

Spiced sweet potatoes, rainbow chard, caramelized onion, cranberries blended with curried chick peas and slow cooked red & white quinoa, whole grain rice & beans.


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