Variety Melons Just Arrived!

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Santa Claus Melons, Juan Canary Melons, Golden Honeydews and Yellow Watermelons have all joined our collection! Add a savory twist to the watermelon, arugula and mozzarella salad byt mixing yellow with red watermelon. Absolutely delicious. Eat fresh in slices or add some color to any fruit platter, charcuterie tray or salad. Summer is the time for enjoying the sweetness of nature.  We have a variety of options for shipping:

Yellow Watermelons – by the each!

Santa Claus Melons – 5-8 Count

Juan Canary Melons – 6-8 Count

Golden Honeydews – 6 Count

MIXED VARIETY CASE – 6-8 Count (Juan Canary, Golden Honeydew & Santa Claus)

Canary melons are known for their brilliant yellow color. The Santa Claus or “Christmas” Melon is hearty and can be kept up to 6 weeks longer than other varieties. The golden honeydew, an offshoot of one of the two most popular melons here in the US (cantaloupe and honeydew) tastes delicious with a splash of ginger or lime and can add sweetness to refreshing summer drinks.