Team Member of the Month – October 2018

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Ted Mlenar, Service Delivery Driver

Ted Mlenar began his career with BIX Produce on September 8, 2015 as a Service Delivery Driver. He has been the driver on the Downtown 2 route for over a year, developing positive relationships with BIX’s customers.


Gary Narducci, Buyer, nominated Ted for team member of the month “Ted exemplifies what a route driver at BIX should be. He is a very safe driver, is very polite, and he caters to all his customers needs. Ted makes every move count and does his job in an efficient manner while at the same time providing top notch customer service. Ted would make a stellar driver trainer. He is quick to problem solve to help customers with what they need. When a customer requested an out of stock item, Ted communicated with the office and customer to see when the item would be available and set it up for delivery the following day. Ted is a great asset at BIX Produce.”

Congratulations and Thank you Ted!