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Our mission at Bix Produce Company is to deliver our customers with the highest quality produce and gourmet items with excellent service while considering sustainability in our daily business practice.

The quality of life in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area and beyond is linked to the health and well-being of our community and our environment. We desire to play a role in that good health. All of us at Bix Produce take actions every day that will contribute to a better today and create a positive legacy for future generations. We are passionate about the relationships we have developed with farmers and growers at the local, regional and national level that support this emphasis.

The following demonstrates the economic, environmental and societal practices that contribute to our reaching sustainability initiatives.
• Repurposing food waste: The “waste” product from our production lines and product deemed unsalable is routed to local farmers to be used as feed and/or fertilizer.  Thus, less material is sent to the landfills or burners.
• Bix Produce actively recycles cardboard and is continually expanding our cardboard and recycling program. Recently, we implemented a new cardboard auger that allows us to get triple the amount of cardboard into the container which reduces our hauls and carbon footprint.
• We collect plastic sheets and broken pallets for recycling rather than waste and we reuse boxes for outbound shipment as our sanitation policies allow.
• As a fresh fruit and vegetable processing facility, our water consumption is a key factor in not only our economic success, but our sustainability scorecard. We conduct studies on-site that allow us to continuously evaluate our water consumption that challenge us to drive improvement.
• Carbon footprint: We have replaced our aging fleet of “Hot Shot” vans with new, highly efficient Sprinter Vans.  These vehicles have greater cargo capacity to hold more products to be delivered to more locations per trip and have improved fuel consumption.
• Route optimization: We have installed a truck routing system that allows us to route the most efficient way possible to save miles and fuel.
• Our Bix trucks are outfitted with a DriveCam to help monitor routes, promote safe driving and eliminate excess braking and acceleration.
• Energy efficiency: In the construction of our new warehouse we opted for complete LED lighting that is both motion sensor operated and timer driven allowing for a generous decrease in energy consumption. Our employees are also in the practice of turning off lights in office, bathrooms, meeting rooms and other common areas when not in use.
• Paper Reduction: We have eliminated 90% of our traditional weekly “hard copy” mailings of pricing, promotions and order tools to our customers in the last six months in favor of electronic communications.  We have also done the same with communications to our internal associates.   Only what is needed is printed.
• Supporting local farmers, growers & families: One component of our sustainability scorecard that we are most proud of is that we are a leader in our marketplace for promoting the use of locally grown fruits and vegetables.  Supporting our local farmers provides a high quality product from farm to table, local jobs for the farmers and their teams, and reduces the need to consume energy otherwise needed for transit from other growing regions in the US and abroad. This Spring 2020, Bix will be hosting our local growers and farmers at Bix to continue this strong partnership and keep the discussion of how to get locally source ingredients to the center of the plate.
• Diverse company culture:  When hiring, we reach out to service agencies such as Vietnamese Social Services, Emerge Community Development and Lifetrack Resources.
• We strive to provide all of our associates a safe and rewarding place to work.  Free of harassment of any kind with open door policies for communication.
These are just a few, and we won’t stop with these accomplishments.  They are merely where we’ve begun.  We sincerely believe that sustainability practices will provide a successful future for Bix Produce and the communities we touch.