Market Alert: Pineapple

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The recent rainy weather conditions along with tackling the problem of natural flowering has created shortages of pineapples in Costa Rica. We can expect supplies to remain snug through the end of this month. Heading into August, we should see volume going back to normal. We can also expect to see quality improving moving forward in July and August. However, our suppliers are harvesting at a lower color and younger age to reduce translucency. We are still seeing longer crowns and the weather is still unpredictable with only 1-2 sunny days per week. On average we are seeing a brix level of 15.20%. Please see the above pictures and below for a more detailed update. 

Crown Pineapples:

We can expect steady supplies through the month of July. Market prices are starting to climb. Supplies out of the east coast are tight. We are working on 6 week averages for customers to ensure we spread volume evenly.

Crownless Pineapples:

Quality is improving and supplies are in better shape.  Markets are stable.

Organic Pineapples:

Supplies are stable. Good quality and markets remain steady. Again, please book early as our suppliers do not bring in large amounts.