Local Purveyor of the Week – Donnay Dairy

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Donnay Dairy

BIX Produce is proud to be part of the local farming industry and support our customers’ ever growing desire for locally grown products. We have the ability to provide our customers with the freshest quality fruits, vegetables, and specialty products from our local purveyors which helps support the local agriculture in the communities where we live and work.

This could not be possible without our wonderful team of local purveyors like Donnay Dairy. Donnay Dairy is located in Kimball, Minnesota and provides BIX with delicious Chevre Cheese.

Donnay Dairy was started with the simple concept of creating a high quality, farmstead, artisan goat cheese they can deliver fresh directly to executive chefs and restaurant owners.

The heritage of their farm began years ago with their great-grandparents, Matt and Catherine Donnay. Their family is the fourth generation to farm these lands since the early 1900s. They strive to keep a strong tradition of family farming and the value of hard work alive.

Donnay’s Dairy consists of a small herd of Saanan dairy goats nestled in the hills of Stearns County, Minnesota. They believe healthy goats are the key to high quality cheese. No hormones are used on their farm.

Donnay Dairy prides themselves in using traditional methods to ensure the highest standards for every batch of cheese produced. They always maintain the highest quality control to ensure freshness and consistency vat after vat.

They invite you to explore their award-winning Chevre and the excitement of their family farm. Their dedication to producing handcrafted farmstead goat cheese, with an unprecedented flavor, will surely tantalize your taste buds.

You can learn more by following them on Facebook.