Local Partner: Marieke Gouda

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Marieke Gouda

Thorp, WI
Specialty: Gouda Cheese


Woman owned business and nationally renowned cheeses from Thorp, Wisconsin. At Marieke® Gouda and the Penterman Farm, they take pride in modern family farming and handcrafting our award-winning Marieke® Gouda cheese. It’s their passion!

Marieke® Gouda is their signature cheese made with an authentic Old World Gouda recipe.
The equipment, cultures, herbs and spices are all imported from Holland. The rBGH free
cows milk from the Penterman Farm cows couldn’t be fresher being piped directly from
the first milking of the day directly into the processing vat.
All cheeses are made with the raw milk of our own cows at Penterman Farm. Then culture
and rennet are added. Herbs are added to make different flavors (for example foenegreek, mustard, cumin, etc.). After this process our cheeses are being salt brined before they go
into the aging room.
The curd is hand packed into 18 pound forms before going under the press. It is then brined for 60 hours. The wheels are then transferred to the special curing room and aged on Dutch pine planks which absorb the liquid as the cheese ages. For the first 14 days the cheese is turned (flipped over) daily to ensure that the butterfat is evenly distributed throughout the cheese.