Local Partner: J.R. Johnson Floral

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J.R. Johnson Floral

Roseville, MN
Specialty: Flowers
5 miles from BIX


J.R. Johnson Wholesale Floral has been supplying the Twin Cities with quality wholesale floral products since 1958. They carry a wide variety of fresh cut flowers and live plants from all over the world, competitively priced to suit their customer’s needs for any occasion.

J.R. Johnson Wholesale Floral stands behind their products and offer exceptional customer service with pride.

John Robert Johnson built the Johnson Greenhouse on Edward Street in St. Anthony Village in 1916. In the 40’s the firm specialized in cut carnations, and later added a wide variety of green plants. John Robert’s son took over the family business after WWII.

A wholesale commission house, Johnson’s Wholesale Florist was started in 1958. Supplies for growers and retailers were added to their product line and the company name became J.R Johnson Supply Inc.

For the past few years the company has been operating under the name Green Mill Growers and continues to provide quality product and service.


You can learn more by visiting an6754.wixsite.com/greenmillgrowers or follow them on Facebook.