Local Partner: Caves of Faribault

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Caves of Faribault

Faribault, MN
Specialty: AmaBlu Blue Cheese Crumbled & Wheels, Fini Sharp Cheddar, AmaBlu Gorgonzola, Blues & Brews Variety Blue Cheese
55 miles from BIX


Faribault, Minnesota is on nearly the same line of latitude as Roquefort, France. The atmosphere within the caves is ideal for the curing and aging of blue cheese.

In December 1936, Mr. Felix Frederiksen purchased the caves and set up shop for the first blue cheese to be made in the United States. He named his company Treasure Cave, Inc.

Today, Caves of Faribault is the only U.S. cheese maker still curing and aging blue cheese exclusively in caves. This traditional process allows the AmaBlu Blue, Gorgonzola and St. Pete’s Select blue cheeses to distinguish themselves with a complex, complicated yet delight-fully intimate flavor. The caves allow them to work in tandem with nature to create truly legendary cheeses.


You can learn more by visiting faribaultdairy.com or follow them on Facebook.