Local Partner: Bushmans’ Inc.

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Bushmans’ Inc.

Stevens Point, WI
Specialty: Potatoes
217 miles from BIX


Four generations in the making, replenishing and tilling the soils; weathering the markets and nature has proven that Bushman’s has become a leading grower and packager of potatoes nationwide. In 1909, Bushman’s was established by Joseph Bushman.

He used his creativity, charm, and perseverance to sell his spuds. Over the years Bushman’s Enterprise has seen its fair share of growth and change, from the depression, droughts and two world wars.

Bushman’s has remained firmly planted with the preservation of the best of their traditions and values. They have also improved upon them with advanced technologies and value-add lines of onions, tomatoes and watermelon


You can learn more by visiting bushmansinc.com.