Local Partner: Axdahl’s Garden Farm and Greenhouse

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Axdahl’s Garden Farm and Greenhouse

Stillwater, MN
Specialty: Green Beans, Corn, Pumpkins, Hard Squash, Tomatoes
19 miles from BIX


Known for their sweet corn, green beans, and pumpkins, Axdahl’s is family owned and operated out of the fertile St. Croix Valley in Stillwater, Minnesota. Axdahl’s Garden Farm and Greenhouse is proud to be licensed by Minnesota Grown and certified by Food Alliance Midwest.

“Axdahl’s grows the best sweet corn I’ve ever eaten, and I’ve eaten a lot of great corn. You could call me a corn connoisseur! I’d never buy fresh produce anywhere else but Axdahl’s Garden Farm,” says Nancy Bartie, loyal customer of Axdahl’s.

Axdahl’s Garden and Greenhouse is owned and operated by Brian and Leslie Axdahl.

“We have lots of great employees from the area during our busy harvest season,” says Leslie. “Stop by for a visit, and you may well see one of your neighbors working with us out in the field or at our garden farm and greenhouse.”


You can learn more by visiting axdahlfarms.com or follow them on Facebook.