Local Micro Greens

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Local Micro Greens grown in Baldwin, WI

Future Farm Grown logo

Future Farm Grown is dedicated to consistently delivering high quality greens into Minnesota and Wisconsin year round. Their environmentally controlled facility allows them to maximize plant growth while conserving water so they can get the freshest and most nutritious produce possible.


Download BIX’s Future Farm Micro Green Flyer:  Future Farm Micros


Seafood Blend

Sorrel, Chervil, Scallion, Dill
BIX Item #438 – 4 oz.



Meat Mix

Red Mustard, Scallion, Kale, Red Pak Choi
BIX Item #430 – 4 oz.



Dessert Mix

Sorrel, Chervil, Red Pak Choi
BIX Item #440 – 4 oz.



Radish Mix

Red and Green Micro Radish
BIX Item #441 – 4 oz.