Local Farm Feature: Open Hands

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Open Hands Farm: Fall & Winter Roots

Open Hands Farm, located near Northfield Minnesota is a certified organic 17-acre vegetable farm. Erin and Ben are the farmers, alongside a wonderful staff whom are committed to feeding our community the freshest, most nutritious produce possible. They grow food in the most ecologically and economically sustainable ways possible. Open Hands Farm grows over 270 varieties of vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs. Many of the varieties they grow are heirloom or open-pollinated and are always harvested and handled to maximize freshness, flavor and nutritional value.

Starting September 25th, when you order celery root (item #4840) and watermelon radish (item #7780) from BIX you are getting more than local produce, you are getting nutrient packed produce with a loving family and guided principles behind it!

Availability expected through December – excellent menu item; high quality and flavorful!