A Letter To Our Valued Customers

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To our valued customers,

As you are aware, BIX Produce has relocated to a new facility. We designed the building with you, the customer, in mind to continue to provide you with high quality products, expanded product lines and improved service. The team at BIX is eager to show you the new facility and what it has to offer you:
A substantial increase in storage capacity that will directly impact distribution efficiencies.

A new state of the art processing room that gives us the ability to improve product quality and shelf life, with new packaging lines, wash systems and drying lines from top manufacturers in the fresh cut industry.

A warehouse racking design and lighting system that will improve product visibility and enable more efficient product rotation.

An advanced cooling system that allows us to easily and constantly monitor zone temperatures and air flow, resulting in better product quality while reducing our carbon footprint.


We are very excited about the enhanced capabilities and future possibilities. However, we do realize and accept that we haven’t been ourselves as of late. The sensitive nature of our products required us to engage in the challenging task of moving an entire warehouse and production room over a single weekend. At the same time we wanted to limit delivery restrictions and maintain our high level of service to you. We are seeing internal progress every day and I am confident that we will soon return to the highest standard of operation that you have come to expect from BIX Produce.

We are very thankful for your business and patience and please know that everyone at BIX is committed, and working extremely hard, to ensure we take care of your needs during this transition period. Thank you very much on behalf of myself and every employee at BIX.


Alejandro Montoya
BIX Produce



Download the letter here: BIX Produce Customer Letter