Free Produce Drive Thru for the Community

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On the morning of Friday March 27th, BIX Produce offered a drive through lane to hand out cases of fresh produce for free at their facility in Little Canada.  Prior to the “Shelter-in-Place” that commenced midnight on Friday, BIX Produce sent an email to all of its customers inviting them to drive through and grab a case, or two.   “We would like to place the usable product into the hands of our BIX family and their extended family, friends, church groups and social networks.” Todd Lemon an employee of BIX Produce stated.

To ensure the health of their employees and of the public attending, community members stayed in their cars, while gloved BIX employees brought the cases to their cars. The event had an incredible showing, with over 500 vehicles driving through to receive the cases. BIX Produce Company wanted to provide community members with access to fresh produce that will help boost their immune systems for the coming weeks, while giving them a limited exposure experience. A great reflection of the ways our community can come together during these unprecedented times.

This week, BIX has also donated to several food shelters, pantries and farmers in the area. “We are doing whatever we can to support our community. This just felt, “right”. In the meantime, we are doing our best to be focused on our customers during these difficult times.” Alejandro Montoya CEO of BIX Produce stated.