First Pick: Local Apples New to BIX

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From Wescott/Honeybear Orchards (WI)

Located in Elgin, MN, home to some of the most fertile soils anywhere in Mississippi River Valley, Wescott/Honeybear Orchards is able to grow sought after regional and national apple varieties. For the past 40 years, Wescott/ Honeybear Orchards has been packaging, distributing and marketing apples throughout the region and carries a wide perspective of apple production. Honeybear focuses on premium quality fruit grown sustainably in a way that offers peace of mind to their customers, as well as a sustainable living to our growers around the country.

  1. Paula Reds — One shot only!
    An early season favorite, this apple is great for cooking and eating, as it is not too tart and not to sweet.
    Available week of 8/30.
  2. Apple Cider
    Fresh pressed cider to capture the flavors and aromas of the apple harvest season.
    Available week of 9/6 (maybe a little sooner).
  3. Zestar
    One of the newest varieties from the U of M, this early season apple has a crisp, juicy texture and a zesty flavor with a hint of brown sugar.
    Available week of 9/13.
  4. McIntosh
    This variety is a smaller apple with red and green tender flesh. This apples is great for pies, cider and applesauce, as well as school lunches.
    Available week of 9/20.
  5. Honeycrisp
    A great mid-season apple with a crispy and juicy texture makes Honeycrisp a customer favorite!
    Available week of 9/27.
  6. Cortland
    This variety is versatile and is a perfect complement to any plate. You will see very white flesh with Cortland varieties.
    Available week of 9/27.