Team Members of the Month – February 2020

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Congratulations Too Loo & Brian Thomson!!

We congratulate BOTH team members of the month, Too Loo of our night shift crew and Brian Thomson of our Inside Sales staff – many of you speak with him everyday!

Too Loo began his career with BIX Produce on August 2016. He has held many roles in the production room and has been in his current role as Night Production Sr. Forklift Operator since 2017.

The Night Processing Leadership Crew nominated Too Loo. They said,  “We would like to nominate Too Loo as team member of the month. He is always respectful and open to learning new responsibilities and tasks. The work he does every day is with great accuracy and efficiency. He is punctual, responsible, reliable and respectful with all his work colleagues. He supports everyone he works with, collaborating with everyone and showing us all how to work together as one team. He is a forklift operator, but he is always open to help others in their work when they need it. We appreciate the work he does every day.”

Brian Thomson is part of our Inside Sales team. He joins us as a chef and carries his passion for food, community impact and service through each and every customer interaction. Brian’s career at BIX started July 2019, immediately following the move of our warehouse. He is known for his cheerful attitude, resourcefulness and adaptability.  Brian is a good representation of the BIX Values – Being Agile and Mobilizing Quickly to meet our customer’s needs and making sure the Customer is First! He understands BIX as a business as he previously was a BIX customer. This understanding helps him succeed and bring new ideas to BIX.