Commodity Alert: Row Crops

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Broccoli and Cauliflower: All shippers continue to struggle on Broccoli and Cauliflower (plus Florets) including Broccolini/Sweet Baby Broccoli. This industry-wide issue is seeing reduced plantings followed with lower yields causing a “demand exceeds supply” situation. In talking to suppliers, this supply issue will last into next week. We are doing all we can to source product.
Romaine and Romaine Hearts: Over the past several weeks we have experienced heat waves in the Salinas Valley which have impacted crop production and pushed fields forward; some acres have been lost due to quality and some moved forward which inevitably will lead to a gap in supply. All suppliers this week will be light on Romaine and Romaine Hearts and into next week due to this recent heat. Crews are falling short of their daily harvest due to quality issues in the field, slowing harvest and reducing yields.
Iceberg: With Romaine and Romaine Hearts being so tight, Iceberg tends to be the next ‘Go-To.’ Look for the Iceberg Lettuce market to continue to go higher. Suppliers are watching their numbers and the recent heat has also caused quality issues, thus producing lower yields.
Asparagus: Asparagus this week is extremely limited. Central Mexico was hit with some rain; reducing yields. Washington crop has finished. Maryland and Canada is wrapping up. Yields out of Kansas are significantly lower due to warmer weather. Peru is battling labor issues because of Social Distancing. Local Salinas Valley Asparagus ends this week. Asparagus will continue to be very tight through next week. We may need to sub sizing or change loading days to get Asparagus.
The above situations lead to longer loading times for trucks, which may cause shorts due to receiving delays. We are seeing an increase in demand at a time when we are seeing this challenge in our supply chain. We appreciate your patience.