BIX Produce Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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We are committed to the health and well-being of our staff and our customers. We are actively monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and want to provide information on how we have taken action to help our team members and visitors use safe and healthy practices.

We have formed an internal team to monitor both daily news and our business operations. The team is proactively communicating ways to stay healthy and our plans to keep BIX business running smoothly.  The Infectious Disease Task Force will have emphasis on the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

At this point, we are using best practices for preventing the spread of this virus or any virus:

  1. Regularly hand washing and avoid touching your face with unwashed hands.
  2. Using hand sanitizer when entering the BIX facility and any time water and soap is not available.
  3. Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  4. Use antivirus wipes to help keep door handles, computer keyboards, phones and common office surfaces clean.
  5. Sign and placards at every door entrance with pictures to accommodate all language

As a Food Processing center, we are held to the SQF food safety requirements. We have updated our Crisis Management Plan to include these actions. Operations are our lifeblood. We continually refine and improve our ability to protect and serve our valued customers.

In the meantime, we remain committed to providing the superior service and support that our customers have come to expect from us.