BIX Now Offering Fresh Produce Boxes

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We are excited to offer three variations of fresh produce boxes for our customers here at Bix. These are excellent to offer your staff members keeping them out of stores less too. They can assist food pantries to require less labor on site for packing. We have seen them purchased to thank a nurse or give to a neighbor. And, it’s something we see popping up on curbside delivery menus everywhere! As trips to the grocery store are becoming more limited, and the demand for fresh raw produce as strong as ever, we recognize the convenience to get all of your favorite fruits and vegetables in one box.

The produce boxes come with the same great, fresh product you order daily with the top quality you expect to receive. Each box can feed a family of four for up to one week!

Bix Boxes are easy to order by the single box, or in bulk. Call your sales representative or customer service. Allow a 2 day lead time. Choose from one of three following options – all priced the same.

Fruit & Veggie (80/20)


Bix School Lunch

Call us to place your order today! What will you do with your Bix Box?