BIX COVID-19 Delivery Protocol

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  • We are grateful you are with us. We are keeping the health and safety of your staff and ours at the forefront of our procedures.
    Here is what you can expect when BIX delivers:
    • Each driver arrives to work and has their temperature taken.
    • Each driver is required to wear a mask.
    • Each driver carries a disinfectant in their trucks to wipe down high frequency touch surfaces.
  • • Each driver follows CDC requirements of proper social distancing.
    • Each driver has been given a box of gloves to wear during deliveries, changing them out for each delivery.
    • Drivers are not to return boxes of product from customers that have been out of our possession for any length of time.
    • When drivers return to BIX, they thoroughly clean the inside of their cab as well as the back of the trucks where the food is transported.