Food Safety

BIX Produce Company is dedicated to meeting and exceeding food safety regulations. From state-of-the-art metal detection systems to continual improvement of all aspects of our food safety systems, our highest goal is to provide the safest, freshest and cleanest bulk and fresh-cut produce available. We closely monitor your product through our distribution cold chain, from field to fork on our refrigerated trucks and vans.

The Growers

BIX Produce is a proud Pro*Act partner, America’s leading distributor of fresh produce to the food service industry. Pro*Act requires all suppliers and distributors to meet strict risk-based food safety and security standards by requiring our growers and shipping partners to have 100% traceability to the spot where the item originated. We must all be audited by a third party for safety and transparency. Compliance is verified and documented throughout the entire supply chain to ensure safe, quality products are provided for our consumers.


BIX Produce has taken the time to build established partners in the distribution industry. BIX has partnered with a transportation company, Johnson Feed, for over 25 years. This partnership is built on trust and reliability in our use of secure transportation. All trucks carrying products to BIX utilize traceable, electronic climate recording of the conditions on the trucks to ensure proper preservation and storage quality for your produce.


BIX Produce maintains controlled access and surveillance video cameras throughout the warehouse and main entrances to support our comprehensive food defense/plant security plan in accordance with the FDA’s ALERT food defense and terrorism initiative. This is one step BIX takes to continue their high standard of food safety. BIX also houses a well-equipped in-house lab for chemical and microbiological analyses and shelf-life studies to ensure we are always using the best practices to bring you the freshest, cleanest produce. Along with the safety steps taken in and around the facility, BIX offers a continuous and frequently updated food safety and biosecurity training for all employees to ensure the team handling and preparing your produce is the most knowledgeable.


BIX Produce believes our consistency is significantly improved by using one source to prepare your produce. Our state-of-the-art production facility ensures quality and savings for you. Every product has a guaranteed shelf life to assure you fresh, ready-to-eat products for every penny of your produce purchases. We use peracetic acid, not chlorine, to clean your fruits and vegetables. Peracetic acid (also known as peroxyacetic acid or PAA) is an organic compound that is an ideal antimicrobial cleanser. Peracetic acid is an excellent choice for sanitation at food and beverage plants, wineries, breweries, medical facilities and in agricultural areas. The NOP (National Organic Program) recognizes peracetic acid as a safe sanitizer for certified organic items, because you can clean organic fruits and vegetables in peracetic acid without compromising their certified organic status. All of our fresh-cut fruits and vegetables at BIX are rinsed and sanitized with peracetic acid at some point in their preparation. In addition, certain items like apples and potatoes are treated with a preservative to combat premature “browning.”


BIX Produce has an extensive modern delivery truck and van fleet that is owned and operated by BIX. This allows us to maintain total control over the cleanliness, temperature settings, food security, and the loading and unloading process of all deliveries to minimize potential damage and/or microbial contamination. Our control over our lot at BIX and tracking of every item that we distribute allows us to maintain great quality all the way to the delivery at your front door on our refrigerated trucks and vans. With our knowledgeable delivery staff, you can trust that you will not receive products that do not meet our high standard. When we sense a problem with any of these stages, we call you.

Overall quality assurance to bring our customers best quality

BIX Produce is proud to be SQF Food Safety certified and a score of “Excellent” was achieved once again. Our nearly perfect SQF score reaffirms our commitment to bringing our customers the highest quality bulk and Fresh Cut produce available. SQF requires an on-site practitioner to ensure food safety compliance and consistency. The BIX Quality Assurance Department is staffed by college-level degreed food safety and Microbiology professionals with properly trained technicians, ensuring high standards of quality and safety are continuously carried out throughout the facility.